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RÜCKSACK is a shipment bag made from recycled PET bottles that can be reused several times. These high-quality bags offer an alternative to brown cardboard boxes, which not only look unattractive but take up a lot of space for the sometimes long time before they can be recycled.

In 3 sizes – or individually customised

  • Simple return concept
  • Can be reused up to 50 times
  • Base material made
    of 100% recycled PET
  • Flexible size due to Velcro fastening
  • Can be individually designed or printed
  • Available from 500 items
  • Proven system
  • More environmentally friendly
    than single use shipment boxes

The recognition value is the clincher

The RÜCKSACK can be individually designed and printed all over – an investment in visibility and image. After all, you don’t want your brand associated with waste, but with innovation and sustainability.

Recycling is good – but reuse is better!

A weave is made of recycled PET bottles which serves as the base material for the RÜCKSACK. These long-life bags can be reused up to 50 times; as early as their second use, they are more sustainable than the usual shipment packaging.

Pleasant feel – can be flexibly adjusted

Thanks to Velcro fasteners, the size of the RÜCKSACK bag can be individually adjusted and it is easy to handle. This means that for your shipments you can do without tiresome intermediate sizes and also without mostly non-ecological filler material. The textile weave means the bags are flexible, have a pleasant feel and a high-quality appearance – the customer will experience all of this when receiving and unpacking the product and will connect it with your brand.

This is how it works

The RÜCKSACK can be transformed into a handy letter format and returned. Fold – attach the return label – post. It’s very simple.


Fold the shipment bag once or twice, depending on size.
Fix the flap with the Velcro fastener.


Stick on the return label supplied.


Put into one of the around 14,000 yellow postboxes.


icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 from 500 items
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 10–12 weeks / Express on request
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Desired sizes
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 8–12 kg
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Gravure / Digital print
Matte / Gloss plasticisation

Basic material

Of course our reusable RÜCKSACK can be produced in a variety of materials. For instance, it can be made in one of the alternatives to the PET material, woven PP with gloss or matte lamination. Here, too, there are no limits on design.

Sizes offered

For the RÜCKSACK, we recommend three different standard sizes. However, the shipment bag can of course be produced in any size you like.

Order quantities

The print bags are available in gravure or digital print and from a run of 500 items.


In spite of meeting our high demand for recycling, the surface quality is suitable for top quality gravure printing, multi-coloured print on all sides and brilliant photo printing. These high design demands make the RÜCKSACK a sophisticated product. Tip: Discuss the options with us before you design your new bag.


Security seals specially developed for the RÜCKSACK provide security and guaranteed safety while in transport. They act as theft protection or as a guarantee of first fastening.


Would you also like a viewing window or special adhesive shipment labels? Please get in touch with us, we would be happy to advise you.


We are transporting our image right to the customer’s home with this sustainable bag from Package Line, made from recycled PET bottles.