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Fundamentally environment-friendly bags.

Company principles are important guidelines in the daily activities of Package Line. They determine customer relationships, influence actions and form the foundation for success.

Top quality

PACKAGE LINE GmbH strives for the best possible quality in all fields of action. This commitment relates to the adage that nothing is so good that it can’t be improved.


For PACKAGE LINE GmbH, being a stimulus provider is an important role in its industry. Along with outstanding products,PACKAGE LINE GmbH uses new raw materials or combinations of materials to develop bags and packaging that help define progress.


PACKAGE LINE GmbH has slender structures and short decision paths in order to keep costs as low as possible. This means that the customers of PACKAGE LINE GmbH can benefit from an outstanding price / performance ratio.


PACKAGE LINE GmbH is a reliable business partner. The products are durable and environmentally friendly. Customers with express needs are also reliably served.


PACKAGE LINE GmbH is well aware of its social responsibilities. As an important part of the economy, Package Line secures jobs and supports its employees. By manufacturing environmentally friendly bags, the company also takes on responsibilities for protecting nature.


PACKAGE LINE GmbH is a dynamic, independent company, cooperating fairly and as a partner with its customers and suppliers with the aim of success for both. PACKAGE LINE GmbH is aware of the value of people in the company and communicates openly and trustfully.