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More than just paper carrier bags and paper bags

Our classic – manufactured and printed according to environmentally-conscious criteria.

Discover the most important features by touching the round points below.


PaperLine classic


icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 from 3,000 / 5,000 items
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 8 weeks / Express on request
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 70140 g/m2
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Various standard sizes
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Up to 6 kg
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Flexographic / Offset print
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 White / brown kraft paper

Recommended sizes (cm)

Flat handles (flexographic print)
Width Depth Height Flap
S 22 10 28
M 32 17 43
L 45 17 48


Paper cord, without turned-over edge (flexographic print)
Width Depth Height Flap
S 22 10 31
M 32 12 41
L 45 17 48


Paper cord, with turned-over edge (flexographic / offset print)
Width Depth Height Flap
S 22 10 31 6
M 35 15 38 6
L 54 13 44 6

Good to know

The undisputed classic among carrier bags is the paper bag. Manufactured and printed according to environmentally-conscious criteria, it enriches everyday shopping. Manufactured from robust kraft paper in white or brown, the PaperLine classic bag is the most popular shopping bag.

Sizes offered

The practical nature of the PaperLine classic carrier bags is matched by the variety of sizes. Choose from a variety of standard sizes, differently equipped. We are convinced that we have the appropriate design available for your requirements.

Order quantities

The PaperLine classic bag is available from a run of either 3,000 or respectively 5,000 items.


Variety is barely slowed down when it comes to printing the paper carrier bags. We determine the print process depending on the subject you have chosen. In flexographic or offset print, from single to multi-colour, naturally applicable to all sides including the interior, we achieve a brilliant print quality. Tip: Discuss the options with us before designing your bag.


Flat handles are among the classics. With a pleasant width and able to carry a tensile load, these handles give good service. It is worth checking out our alternative, the twisted paper cords on offer in our PaperLine classic range. The bag design that goes with the paper cords is available with or without a turned-over edge. The paper cords are available either glued or knotted.

If you also value a good ecological balance for a paper carrier bag, then we recommend our GrasLine with a 50% grass share.


Uncomplicated and highly professional, PACKAGE LINE GmbH supplies us with top quality paper carrier bags. It is important to us to have a partner at our side who not only understands the craft of bag making, but understands how to use this medium as an important marketing product.