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Please fold or roll. This bag will fit into any handbag.

PolyesterBag – the lightweight shopping bag. The hard-wearing, foldable material makes this bag a constant companion for daily shopping.

Discover a few examples below.



icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 from 500 items.
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 10-12 weeks/ Express on request
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Various material thicknesses
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Desired sizes
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 812 kg
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Transfer / Screen print
icon_Oberflächenwahl_1 Various background material colours

Good to know

Only recently introduced, the PolyesterBag has become an essential in the carrier bag world. The benefits are self-evident. Robust, splash-proof material, suitable for best quality printing and at an economical price per item, to name just a few of the advantages. As well as the folding bag, GymBag or TrolleyBag designs are also available. The basic material is available in various background colours and consists of recycled PET polyester.

Sizes offered

PolyesterBags are available in a free choice of formats. This makes every series genuinely unique.

Order quantities

The polyester bag is available from a run of 500 pieces.


For this type of bag, there are two kinds of print available. The classic screen print is available for a straightforward logo print without colour gradient. In the transfer print, your subject is appliquéd in photographic quality to the surface of the bag. Including colour gradients.


The PolyesterBags adapt to their planned use with the different handle versions. Choose from shoulder straps, cords, vest-type cut-outs and nylon loops.

This polyester bag meets all of our quality requirements. It is definitely a quality advertising product.


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