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Rubbing Shoulders with Quality.

With PACKAGE LINE GmbH you can positively feel the quality. The carrier bag experts from Switzerland know what they are talking about when giving advice about their services and products. For the wide range of carrier bags in various materials and the countless packaging ideas for exclusive advertising tools you might require a sampling on demand. The experts will take you on a ‘sensory trip’ which will show you, for example, the different paper thicknesses or the surface quality of PPWoven or PETLine. The consultant places finished products or fine materials in your hands.

Bemusterung exklusive Werbemittel Schweiz Bemusterung exklusive Werbemittel Schweiz
Bemusterung Tragetasche Bemusterung Tragetasche
Werbemittel Schweiz Werbemittel Schweiz
Papiertragetasche Papiertragetasche
Tragetaschen Schweiz Tragetaschen Schweiz
Taschen gmbh Taschen gmbh

Choose and Get an Offer.

When you have chosen the design and the materials, straps, strings, or special handles, when you have thought about the size of the edition and special finishes, the PACKAGE LINE GmbH takes pleasure in making you a binding offer. Should you have any additional questions, please call us and we are happy to help you.