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From Bottles on the Shelf to Bags on the Catwalk.

PETLine bags are quite presentable as an environmentally friendly alternative to the classic carrier bags. Experience below what has been created from PET bottles.

Use PET bag

Recycling with handles, that is the PETLine from PACKAGE LINE GmbH. The structure of the bags is virtually identical with PPWoven and NonWoven. Printed carrier foils, laminate matt or glossy and comprehensive additional options are arguments speaking for these multiple use bag. Apart from the ecological background, the resistance to water and dirt is an advantage in favor of PETLine.

Variety of Sizes

Not only is the PETLine bag innovative but there is also the fact that it takes 12 PET bottles to produce one bag. The bags made of PET granulate are available in 3 standard sizes. Of course, countless special sizes and dimensions are available, too. This is true grandeur in sensible interaction with the environment.

Order Quantities

The journey into the resource saving bag world starts at 1,000 pieces; best printing quality, brilliant colors, fitted with zippers, inside pockets, handles and much more. Small editions are naturally carried out in the same quality.

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With products from the house of PACKAGE LINE GmbH we can always score afresh.
Quality, variety and reliability are additional constant values which speak for this company.