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Paper Carrier Bags for a Lifestyle Statement.

Watch and experience how PACKAGE LINE GmbH fits its customers with sophisticated carrier bags? Below we present a series of image enhancing examples made of papers in 190 to 240 gm2 grammage.

Use paper bags

Style obliges– PaperLine exclusive is one of the preferred types of carrier bags of exclusive brands, boutiques and confident retailers. Under this label PACKAGE LINE GmbH offers its customers a variety of bags with handles, string and silk ribbons. The high quality paper carrier bags with the simple design, the attractive folded lips, and the reinforced base are used much more than just once. Laminated matt or glossy, embossed or hot foil coated – PaperLine lovers of exclusive designs find carrier bag solutions which are image enhancing for their company.

Variety of Sizes

When mentioning the multitude of sizes of PaperLine exclusive carrier bags, we should always add the term ‘unlimited’.  Apart from the recommended standard sizes, the dimensions are open to all sides (width, height, depth). Outstanding possibilities are offered for stability; additional base, attaching of string with eyelets and much more.

Order Quantities

When you enquire in more detail about the exclusive paper carrier bags, you will quickly find out that PACKAGE LINE GmbH does not stand for large editions only. From an order quantity of 500 pieces, we can get going, whatever the design.

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Proven details in fine papers for exclusive paper bags.


Stylish with perfect workmanship. That is how we know the PACKAGE LINE GmbH. Our PaperLine exclusive bags are happily carried home by our customers.