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More Than Just Paper Carrier Bags.

The carrier bags made of brown strong pater weighing 80 gm2 to 120 gm2 leave quite an impression.

Gain some insights in the following gallery.

Use paper bags

The paper bag is definitely the classic among the carrier bags; popular with every purchase at the supermarket. Nowadays these shopping bags made of strong paper not only carry the brand to the outside but can be integrated into promotional activities. Colorfully printed, whether inside or outside, not only on flat surfaces but also incremental images bring lifestyle to everyday shopping.

Variety of Sizes

With 16 standard sizes the PaperLine classic bags cover a wide scope of requirements. Carrier bags made of strong paper can be fitted with handles or string handles. For visual or stability purposes PaperLine classic bags are available with a foldover depending on size and design.

Order Quantities

Characteristic for PACKAGE LINE GmbH are the delivery service and the low order quantities at favorable conditions. You can get the Paper-Line classic carrier bags from 3,000 pieces and 5,000 pieces respectively.

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Proven details in paper bags and paper bags.


Uncomplicated and very professional delivery of high quality paper carrier bags from PACKAGE LINE GmbH. It is important for us to have a partner at our side that not only understands the bag trade but also knows how to use this medium as an important marketing tool.