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Move to the Front Shelf.

Give your products the space they deserve. In the background we are happy to competently develop exclusive advertising material and packaging for you. Experience some examples below.

Use promotional material

To define the use, the customer requirements must first be put in the foreground because (almost) anything is possible.  With our specialists we package everything from bottles to the exclusive piece of jewelry or the creative give-away. Accordingly, there is a great variety of materials being processed. Cartons, papers, synthetics, metals and much more becomes the messenger of different contents.

Variety of Sizes

PackagingLine moves outside of the norm. The contents determine the size and the image that is procured with it determines the type of packaging. Of course, logistics and the intended use at the point of sale are important when deciding the dimensions because economic factors help determine the sales price.

Order Quantities

When implementing PackagingLine products, apart from meaningful feasibility the competitive unit price figures importantly. This is where the recommended order quantities begin to play their part. In a personal consultation PACKAGE LINE GmbH would like to learn everything about your project. This is how size of edition, workmanship and price can be well figured out.

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Proven Details of exclusive advertising media.


The loving attention to detail and the affinity to the contents of the planned packaging, make PACKAGE LINE GmbH unique. Their contribution is essential to the success at the point of sale.