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Experience the Ecological Advertising Options Made of Jute that We Have in Store for You.

With the following picture gallery we offer you a first glimpse of our new ecological bag world.

Use of High Quality Promotional Material

With ÖkoLine the PACKAGE LINE GmbH consistently follows its environmentally conscious path. Jute bags and bags made of textile fabrics show that nowadays we do not need to forego comfort in this area. These are benefits that can easily have a promotional effect for companies that are selling environmentally conscious products and services to the end users.

Variety of Sizes

Dealing responsibly with the environment knows no size limits. The same is true for products made in the ÖkoLine sector. From square to rectangular, from vertically to horizontally, the choice of format is up to you.  There is one thing that all the jute- and jucobags, have in common: they are laminated on the inside, making them less sensitive to moisture. The free choice of grips and handles is irrespective of the format.

Order Quantities

We produce jute bags and bags made of textile fabrics for each order in an edition of 1,000 pieces.  The bags printed with the screen printing method are also available in smaller quantities at an extra charge.

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Tried and tested details for ecological advertising materials


This is how pleasant environmentally conscious thinking and acting can be.