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Chic shopping in PPWoven.

The crease-free multiple use feature makes the MAXLine bags especially popular. In the following gallery we show you what is in use, ensuring brilliant colors and maximum carrying capacity.

Use in PP Woven

At first glance, it looks like one of hundreds. But it has its own history, its own possibilities and specifications that make it the popular carrier bag. The MAXLine bag is made from one piece of PPWoven, brilliantly printed and extremely durable. MAXLine is developing into a real alternative to traditional strong paper bags. Being Waterproof and therefore also tear proof much longer are further reasons to go with MAXLine.

Variety of Sizes

The bags made of PPWoven are produced in one automatic cycle and are available in four basic sizes. These dimensions are specifically designed for shopping. The handles are available in eight different colors and are glued to the bag. For first time buyers or quick decisions we carry three standard bags in three sizes with different printing.

Order Quantities

The bags with flexo-printing in one piece are available from an edition of 5,000 pieces. With a delivery time of around 6 weeks, or express orders on request, we supply the whole of Switzerland with the new carrier bags made of PPWoven.

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MAXLine is a high quality addition to the paper bags for daily shopping; with the difference of the multiple use. In our opinion this is a recommendable carrier bags alternative for the future.