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Experience the ecological advertising medium we have to offer in jute.

With the picture gallery below we give you a first impression of our new ecological world of bags.

Use of High-Quality Advertising Material

Jute instead of plastic – a phrase that is set in stone. For us it is a commitment to natural and environmentally conscious action. Bags which are manufactured with the latest processing techniques are among the leaders in carrying capacity, stability and reusability. With «JUTELine» we are not only entering the stage of high quality carrier bags but also have the experience required for the best quality PACKAGE LINE GmbH products.

Variety of Sizes.

PACKAGE LINE GmbH shows format latest when talking of accomplishing format requirements when using processed, natural raw materials. This is where sales arguments start for our customers as well. Environmentally conscious action means format free thinking, from square to rectangular and on to upright, the choice of format is up to you.

Order Quantities.

Jute bags and bags made of fabrics are produced per order in an edition of 1000 pieces. The screen printed bags are also available in smaller quantities at an additional charge.

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Proven Details - noble products as a premium promotional tote bags.


With products from the house of PACKAGE LINE GmbH we can always score afresh.
Quality, variety and reliability are additional constant values which speak for this company.