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Emotions and Sympathies.

FunBagLine carrier bags create delight. These little everyday helpers can be used as ambassadors. Follow our examples.

Use promotional bags

FunBagLine opens new and attractive approaches for customer loyalty. Developed and designed for multiple use, as a surprise gift at events, as a direct mail measure or as a promotional present, these products leave a lasting impression. FunBagLine is not only made in PPWoven, in paper or in plastic but also leaves scope for different combinations. This flexibility extends to the different kinds of fasteners, formats and models. PACKAGE LINE GmbH wishes you a lot fun designing your bags.

Variety of Sizes

Not just the benefits but also the creativity determines height, width and depth pf these products. Together with Velcro fasteners, different handles, textile string, various pockets on the inside and outside, you are carrying colorfully printed advertising messages to the public.


Order Quantities

From an order quantity of 1,000 pieces you win the hearts of your target group with FunBagLine bags. The design, the choice of material, and the variety of finishes can have an impact on fluctuating order quantities. Make sure your next promotion leaves a lasting impression with FunBagLine advertising bags.

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Proven details in promotional bags and PP woven bags.


At our customer events we experience that almost anything is possible with FunBagLine. Part of the applause we receive is due to PACKAGE LINE GmbH