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Strictly Quality.

The business principles are important guidelines in the daily work of PACKAGE LINE GmbH. They define the relationship with customers, influence the actions and form the foundation of our success.

Top Quality

We strive for optimized quality in all areas of action. Our commitment follows the motto that nothing can be so good that it could not be improved.


As a driving force, we are an important part in our industrial sector. Apart from our outstanding products we keep developing bags and packaging from new active components or in new material combinations, codetermining progress.


We have lean structures and short decision making processes keeping our costs as low as possible. Our customers are therefore beneficiaries of an excellent price-performance-ratio.


We are a reliable business partner. Our products are durable and environmentally sound. Dependable delivery to our customers is ensured even in express situations.


We assume our social responsibility. As an important part of the economy we ensure employment and encourage our employees.


We are a dynamic, independent company, partners in fair cooperation with our customers and suppliers with the object of success on both sides. We value the people in the company and communicate openly and trustingly.